Important notice - 06 April 2013

All eosgarden activities have been closed forever, in order to focus on new projects.
The content of this website will stay as is, for archive purpose, but won't be updated anymore.
eosgarden software are still available for download, but are no longer maintained. Support is no longer available.


All our OpenSource projects have been migrated to GitHub.
Feel free to fork!

XCode integration

The Magic MakeFile can be easily integrated into IDE software, such as Apple's XCode (part of the Developer Tools).
This short tutorial will teach you how to build an XCode project that uses the Magic MakeFile as build tool.

Project setup

From XCode, simply create a new project. From the project creation window, under "Mac OS X", choose "Other", then select "External Build System", as shown in the picture below.
This will tell XCode not to use it's internal build system.
A custom target is automatically created. Although its settings can be adjusted, the default ones work perfectly with the Magic MakeFile.
Then simply copy the Magic MakeFile files into your XCode project's directory.
You're done! Now each time you'll tell XCode to build your project, the Magic MakeFile will be used.
It's output will be displayed directly in the XCode build results view, just as a normal XCode project.