Important notice - 06 April 2013

All eosgarden activities have been closed forever, in order to focus on new projects.
The content of this website will stay as is, for archive purpose, but won't be updated anymore.
eosgarden software are still available for download, but are no longer maintained. Support is no longer available.


All our OpenSource projects have been migrated to GitHub.
Feel free to fork!

Featured Projects



XEOS is an experimental 32 bits Operating System for x86 platforms, written in Assembly and C, including a C89 Standard Library (with some C99 parts).
Its main purpose is educationnal, and to provide people interested in OS development with a clean code base.
XEOS is currently under development, and no release date has been set yet.


The XEOS C Foundation library provides the base for object-oriented C style coding, reference counting memory management with auto-release capabilities, reflection, runtime environment, polymorphism, exceptions, and basic objects.
It's purpose is to be integrated in the XEOS Operating System, once its C standard library will be complete.

OpenCV - iOS

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer vision.
This project is a port of the OpenCV library for Apple iOS. It includes two XCode projects: one for iPhone, the other one for iPad.

Magic MakeFile

As it name implies, the Magic Make File is a set of GNU make files, to help developers to build their projects.
It's main purpose is to be much simplier to use than the GNU AutoTools.
It's currently compatible with the the C, C++ and Objective-C languages, but can be extended to support any other language.


MEMDebug is a C library allowing to trace, inspect and debug the dynamic memory allocations inside a C program.

Obj-C Extended Log

A replacement library for the built-in NSLog() function, from the Apple Core Foundation framework.


EGPack is an archive utility, similar to the TAR utility.


A command line tool that displays a file's content as an hexadecimal dump.


A small shell script to simplify compiling source file in C, C++ and Objective-C.


A small but useful shell script to simplify some operations on SVN working-copies.


An interpreter for the BrainFuck programming language, written in C, that can be run in interactive or non-interactive mode.